*~*Unpopular Homestuck Opinions*~*

Amount of regrets after making that post: zero.

Think the queue’s empty. I have no idea, I forgot what an empty queue looks like.

Submit shit. Here, I’ll even give you guys some opinions of my own in text form and you can just paste them onto an image and submit them for me, because I’d like to see what you guys come up with:

  • Opinion #1: I don’t care if Hussie never makes the game or never updates again, honestly. But I do want him to do those things eventually because it sucks ass not having a flood of dumb submissions I can laugh at.
  • Opinion #2: Is Paradox Space supposed to be bad, why aren’t very many people talking about it? What little I’ve read of it seemed quality enough for me. (This opinion is bait, meant to make people want to respond by making their own UHSO submissions.)
  • Opinion #3: Buy Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo 3DS. In stores now.

The third one isn’t Homestuck related, don’t submit it. I just couldn’t think of a third option for you guys and felt promoting the best video game was a better use of my time.

How would you share submissions on mobile?

By holding off on sharing your idiotic opinions until you’re at a computer.

Or by not assuming everyone has a phone and knows what your “app” options are for something like this.

If you’re that desperate to share your thoughts, your phone’s got a camera, doesn’t it?